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But to muslim american and civil rights groups, the fact that the bush administration was responding to 9/11 by ordering thousands of muslim men to show up to register with. Donald trump sets off a furor with call to register muslims in the us by maggie haberman and richard pÉrez-peÑa mr trump drew back from his call for a mandatory registry of muslims in the united states, capping a week where candidates discussed their approaches to terrorism.

The yahoo reporter then asked trump, do you think we might need to register muslims in some type of database, or note their religion on their id. The precedent cited by both proponents and opponents of a muslim registry is the national security entry-exit how would a trump administration register muslims.

Update: president-elect trump offered his latest oblique statement about how his administration might register muslims or ban muslim immigrants on wednesday, telling reporters when asked about a muslim ban or registry, you've known my plans all along and adding, i've been proven to be right 100. Former secretary of state madeleine albright said wednesday she is prepared to register as muslim in solidarity amid reports that president trump plans to take executive action affecting immigrants to the us.

All muslims living in the united states might be forced to register their personal information in a federal database if donald trump is elected president on thursday night, the billionaire republican presidential candidate told an nbc reporter that all american muslims “have to be” required to. Watch video  more american politicians and celebrities are pledging to register in president donald trump's promised muslim database, to protest and frustrate a policy many view as islamophobic.

Madeleine albright the former secretary of state, tweeted wednesday that she is prepared to register as a muslim in ‘solidarity’ as reports say president trump plans on suspending the us's refugee program for 120 days.

Donald trump wants to require all muslims to register in a government database we must stand together to protect our neighbors and our most fundamental rights. The head of the anti-defamation league has vowed to sign up to a muslim registry if it is established by donald trump jonathan greenblatt, chief executive of the adl, told an antisemitism conference in new york he would register as a muslim if need be “if one day muslim americans will be forced.

Register muslim
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